»We must learn to communicate and cooperate with natural laws, not framed by human hands.«

– Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, Dr. Sutherland – 

What is Craniosacral Accompaniment?

There are two main areas in craniosacral work which are manipulative and biodynamic and both have there place in therapeutic work. When a structure is truely misaligned, it can be helpful to offer a subtle manipulativ impuls, however in most people things are in place and just a bit rusty. Here is where the biodynamic approach comes into play and integrates several bodytype models in terms of the gross and the subtle body. The organism is perceived in a holistic way and accompaniment occurs on all levels in order to offer an orientation towards health and strengthen self healing qualities. This lets desease move into the background and health can make its way to the surface.

We would like to accompany you in this process and always view craniosacral treatment in combination with other therapy or training. With us you will be able to turn inwards, find peace and quiet, regenerate and take a deep breath from your usual daily schedule (wellnes and integration). This process can be combined with medical therapy, physiotherapeutic work or a training program for the body.

Craniosacral Accompaniment is a highly biodymanic approach without manipulative techniques, in which the creation of movement and the movement of the organism on all levels is attended to. – Andreas Koch und Corinna Theuerzeit