»Die Diagnose Glück ist gleichzeitig die beste Therapie.«

– Karl-Heinz Karius – 


Diagnostics can be a great help when it comes to determining a current status. Diverse possibilities are used to assess the different human levels of existence and in order to find detailed approaches in which to follow the new path to full health.

Diagnostic east

  • Kinesiology
  • Ear diagnostic
  • Hand and Foot diagnostics
  • Thermal imaging

Diagnostic west

  • Mobility testing (physiotherapeutic, FMS, SMFA, etc.)
  • Strength tests (physiotherapeutic - muscle function testing, training based - individual performance based test)
  • Endurance tests (Conconi. PWC, etc.)
  • Coordination tests
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Body analysis (Futrex 6100 XL)